Condolences for Eugene Walters

Bob Baylor posted on 4/16/21

Gene and his brother drove me to Bob Jones University. It was my first introduction to a friendship that would last a half century. Gene work with me at BJU on one of my cleaning crews to put ourselves through school. He was a kind, gentle, caring hard worker and had a wonderful sense of humor. He loved the Lord and the scriptures and studied them well. He was a godly man and well respected. He was a very positive man inspite of his physical infirmities and had a great outlook always encouraging and looking to the bright side of life. He was a brother I loved to fellowship with and we talked frequently though our proximity did not work for frequent visits. I will miss my dear friend but look forward to seeing him close by the River of Life throwing his castanet. My thoughts are with Debbie his dear wife, Jennifer and Willy and Genes church family at Bethany.


Charles Fulks posted on 4/12/21

We remember the times of fishing in may back yard for mullet with his big 300 ft net & the many fish fry at his house, best of all is for us all to go fishing on a house boat in Northern Minnesota, He was a great person to know along with his wife. Mickey .


Curtis Spann posted on 3/23/21

Mr. Walters was kind and gentle teacher during my years at Community Christian School in Oneco, Florida. I treasure the memories of his calm and Christ like demeanor and the silly names he saddled me with like "CurtisPearl". He never hesitated to show kindness and like our heavenly father he never hesitated to chastise when needed. ( And back in the day he had a mean swing with a wooden paddle). Thankful for the chance to know him and learn from him.


Jane Busby Allen posted on 3/20/21

You have my thoughts and prayers as you adjust to life without your beloved husband, father, grandfather, and brother. Gene was my sweet and kind friend throughout our school years (elementary, high, and college) and many fun years in our church youth group in Baghdad. His wonderful sense of humor and his kindness could always brighten my day. He was a fine Christian man and a loyal friend. May our Lord bless and comfort you with fond memories.


Roger Walton posted on 3/20/21

Of all the friends that I have had the privilege to know, Brother Gene was the kindest, and most gracious man that I have ever known. His humble spirit and Christ like life was a great testimony to all who would have the pleasure to know him. We talked a few times after I moved back to the mountains, but were not able to see each other due to my cancer. I will have precious memories until I see him again in heaven. To the family - Melodie and I send our love and prayers your way.


Gwen Hobbs Wilborn posted on 3/19/21

Sending my deepest sympathy to Gene's family and remembering all of you in my prayers during this time of loss! I have numerous fond memories of Gene---mental pictures of riding the Gospel Project bus as young people---all of us singing, laughing, and joking! We were all like family!! I can still see his quiet, but impish smile! He was, indeed, a treasured friend and a faithful Christian man! No tears for Gene today, for as we all know, he is with the Lord! May God's love and mercy bring comfort in this time of sorrow for EACH of you!


Terri Butler Shoemaker posted on 3/19/21

mr. Walters, what a wonderful example of kindness, and such a sweet spirit given only by our Master and Savior Jesus Christ. You were my teacher in Milton Florida & what a blessing to have known such a joyfilled man! Your genuine heart was evident to this lil redhaired girl, even as an elementary student. You always looked at us kids with honor as if you were putting something within us that was more valuable than we could even imagine or think at that time. Thank you Mr. Walters for sharing a part of your life with us kids. I know it gave you great delight, because inside of you was a passion to give your best to everyone you met. A friend sent this picture of you to me and I thought "oh! I could write him and tell him about my life and what he meant to me," and then I looked further and realized you were gone. That makes me sad. But what makes me happy is that you now walk on the streets of gold with the Great I Am! You've found your destiny, your true north! I know you've already seen my sister Norma Jean, yaw were good friends. She just passed February 21 and I know you are all enjoying the glories of heaven. God bless you, and God bless your family and all those left here on earth who will have to adjust themselves with your absence. They'll have to shake them selves every once in a while to remember that you're not here anymore. your absence will be great. I pray peace to all your children and that they see the value that you have left behind. What a heritage, what a legacy… Thank you so much for your kindness and your gentleness to me. You'll never know what that meant to this lady. God bless you, Terri Butler Shoemaker