Condolences for Carol Sherwin Brinkley

Gunnar und Kathrin Roessner posted on 4/13/21

Wir sind alle hier sehr, sehr traurig über Carols Heimgang. Sie war so ein wunderbarer, liebevoller Mensch. Ich habe ein Foto von ihr eingerahmt und neben das Foto von Patricks American Schoolyear gestellt, damit wir uns immer liebevoll an Sie erinnern können. Das Foto entstand, während Eures Aufenthalt in 2009 auf der Burg Stargard.


Lynn Komlenic posted on 4/9/21

I miss you Carol; you are a light in this world. I cherished our time together working on the story of your life. There is so much love and learning that you brought to people, and I feel sadness about the incompletion of your story in written form. You offered so much wisdom to the world; it would have been wonderful for you to share more. I know how much you wanted to do this. You are missed; I know you know this. I also take great comfort in knowing that you can hear me when I speak to you and when I think of you. Your light lives on in me and in everyone you touched. Thank you so much for co-creating with me, Carol; it was a great joy in my life! Love you, Lynn


Andrea Wienand posted on 3/27/21

Es tut weh, Dich gehen zu lassen. Ich werde all die schönen gemeinsamen Erlebnisse in Erinnerung behalten und mit Dir weiterhin über die komischen Dinge in der Welt lachen. Wir sehen uns in einer anderen Welt, Carol. Du warst großartig und wirst das für mich immer sein. In Liebe, Andrea


Kema Gaye posted on 3/22/21

I was blessed to see Carol, though we did not really communicate. I have no doubt that she was a wonderful person. When saw Carol, I saw a kind, beautiful, and loving person. I wish I had had the opportunity to communicate and chat with her, but it did not happen. According to the obituary, Carol had a life well lived. May her soul rest in perfect peace!


Pam Gessler posted on 3/18/21

I was SO heartbroken to hear that Carol had passed. Just a few weeks ago, we had talked on the phone and were planning on visiting and taking a walk together soon; but that won't happen here in this life anymore. I'm not sad for Carol. She's with Jesus. I'm sad for myself and the loss I have of a sweet friend.