Ov-1 Mohawk Engine Mechanic Stuart Fl. I lived with my good friend Joe, when I work and learned to be an aircraft engine mechanic, Joe taught me how to cook :-) Heather trailer Adventure trailer park she was going to do night school as he upgraded his stature in the company. he enlightened me on many things of the company and more :-) Every time I cook I think of my friend Joe I lived with for a few years until I was sent to Calverton Long Island New York to work on the F-14 Tomcat A-6 Intruder as a flight line mechanic! It was a great man smart man loving man family man all around, ” great man ” and a great friend. I will miss you Joe very much. And so will many many more ! God bless flyhigh say hello to my dad let him take you for a ride in one of his super super F-14 Tomcats! Love you my friend, Tommy👍😎

January 23, 2021